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East Cowes Community Hub

The idea for the East Cowes Community Hub came out of a Local Council public consultation exercise, with the provision of improved library services / a new Community Hub emerging as a priority.  

The proposed site for the Hub is connected to the eastern side of the ‘locally listed’ Town Hall.  The site is brownfield land and houses public toilets and an inadequate library facility. The single storey building is to be demolished to make way for improved facilities.

The application proposals include the replacement of the existing public toilets and Library with a new Community Hub consisting of the following accommodation:

  • · 3 x Unisex disabled toilets (both left and right hand layouts), one with baby changing facilities

  • · Meeting room for up to 10 people.

  • · Council office for 4 x members of staff

  • · Reception / Waiting Area with provision for refreshments

  • · Library space with curved glazed wall opening out onto York Avenue to give it greater prominence.  The glazing is to have prominent figures from the town etched onto the surface.  Internally there will be a screen wall with stained glass windows rescued from the local Pub, pulled down as part of red Funnel’s expansion plans.

A detail planning application has just been submitted for East Cowes Town Council, following a positive pre-app response.  The estimated building cost is in the region of £650 – 700,000.00

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2421 - 05 Proposed Plans  Elevations Rev
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