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Sandown Employment Park

Following the allocation of commercial uses to land connected to Sandown Airport, proposals were developed for a new Business Park, providing over a 100,000 SF of B1 and B2 space and an Outline Application submitted in October 2019. This is still in the consultation process.

The Park has been conceived as an Eco-Park, with green roofs and green walls added to many of the buildings to soften their impact in a largely rural area. The buildings will provide flexible space for small and medium businesses of between 3,500 – 21,000 Sf by the grouping of small 7,000 SF units over 2 storeys.

The park provides a large green open space, which will be opened up for public use and facilitates the provision of an Aviation Museum, which has been gifted land as part of these proposals. Proposals for the Aviation Museum were developed with the Aviation Museum Trust in order to put this scheme together.

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