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Woodside Hall

Woodside Hall at Wootton was redeveloped over 4 years ago to improve and upgrade the accommodation, bringing the existing bedrooms in line with the then Department of Health’s 'National Minimum Standards for Residential and Nursing Homes and to provide new facilities for Dementia patients. The Dementia Unit was a bespoke unit, designed by RPA, providing bedrooms arranged around an enclosed courtyard for the security and safety of patients. This new facility exceeded the space allowances set out in the National Minimum Standards and is now one of the premium nursing homes on the Island.

Colville Care and their clients, the NHS and Social Services, recognise that the only way to remain profitable now is to generate economies of scale by increasing the numbers of patients cared for at each site.  ‘Super’ Nursing Home Facilities of 80 beds are now seen as the most economic way forward, requiring a doubling of the current capacity at Woodside.

RPA subsequently gained Full Permission for a new 40 bed extension to the existing home, with Building Regulations permission following a year later.  We are now working with Colville Care to establish a significant start on site to secure the permission.

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Woodside Hall - Wootton - Extension.jpg
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